Tanya Borodina
for a stress-free wedding day
it's your wedding week, congrats!
One week before
Take the next several days to prepare
with this simple checklist.
Test Drive
the Full Look
Try on the full ensemble, including shoes and jewelry. Practice that walk down the aisle and make sure everything looks and feels comfortable. Pro tip: Try going to the bathroom
in your dress as well!
Your Shoes
They're likely brand new and you'll be wearing them for a while on the big day. Wear them for
a short time each day around the house and walk around on a few different surfaces.
Get enough sleep
the entire week
Try to crawl into bed a little earlier than usual the week before your wedding.
The more rest you get, the better. Once the wedding activities start, it may be harder to wrap your arms around a solid night's sleep.
Wedding day
You've put all your time and energy into making sure every detail is perfect and everyone involved is happy. The tips below will help you feel your best during the day.
Wear a dress shirt when getting
your hair styled
Brides often wear T-shirts that have to be pulled over their freshly coiffed hair at the end.
Dress shirts, however, can be unbuttoned without doing any damage to your beautifully done hair.
Eat a breakfast that
is high in protein and complex carbs

This food will take a while to break down in your body and keep you going, which is important since brides and grooms can go long periods without eating.
Pass off your phone
to someone you trust
You shouldn't be doing any work or coordination on your wedding day. Even if you give all your guests a contact person's number, chances are someone is going to text or email you with questions on the morning of your wedding.
Photo tips
How to help me to do my job better?
Here are some thoughts.
Use natural light
for makeup
Bride's makeup should be done by a window. Please ask the make-up artist and hairstylist to do their magic next to a window with natural light as opposed to the room with no windows or in a bathroom.
If makeup is done in a room with artificial light with a different color temperature as natural light, the make-up can look different in your images.
Lay Out your Dress
and Accessories
Have your dress hanging up and all your shoes (don't forget those pesky stickers on the base!) and accessories, lingerie and garter laid out, with the labels cut off all your pretty new things. I will take those all-important detailed shots without having to disturb you and it also means everything is ready for you to slip into when hair and makeup are complete.
Walk slowly down the aisle
Please, walk slowly down the aisle and don't look down. There are a few reasons for walking slowly. First, I'll be able to take more photos, and second, as you walk majestically you create this special atmosphere around you, which emphasizes the solemnity of the moment.
Choose happiness
Let's be honest, despite all your planning, there's always something that happens unexpectedly on a wedding day. Whatever it is, know that
you have a choice as to how to respond to the situation.
Choose happiness. Smile. Even laugh.
Your main goal on your wedding day is to marry your best friend, enjoy yourself, and celebrate your new married relationship.
Nothing else matters in the big scheme of things.

It's a sneak peek of all the tips I could put here. I'm afraid the full list might be overwhelming but If you want more— please ask.
I wish both of you to get enough sleep this week and see you soon!