"Tanya not just makes portraits of people, she guides them through the amazing experience of self-discovery. Her artistic vision is unique and sophisticated, which makes her work truly valuable."
"Tanya is fantastic. From the first meeting we had to discuss the wedding day and photographies from receiving our wedding album pictures. Every steps of the journey as been a joy. The pictures are beautiful and captured so well all the emotion of our special day. Tanya does some magic with light and I would recommend her to everyone who wants the best pictures of their wedding!"


"We are absolutely in love with every shot Tatiana did! Talented and professional person! She brought us to a magical place both physically and mentally: we felt comfortable with her around and most importantly, she definitely managed to capture our emotions. We can feel through these photos the way we feel about each other and the city we live in. We trusted her fully and never regretted it.
Very fulfilling and fun experience."

" We love our photos and videos. We found Tanya's portfolio online and arranged to meet her in Sweden while visiting friends a few months before the wedding. We instantly knew she was the one who could capture our personalities and really tell the story of our day. She is such a genuine, caring, and kind person that we felt completely relaxed whenever she was behind the camera. She also recommended an excellent pair of videographers - 10/10 we would recommend her and her team. "


"Apart from the fact that Tanya is a terrific photographer, she has amazing talents for working with people. Tanya is always able to create an easy and relaxed atmosphere in which even the shyest person will feel comfortable and natural.
And the important thing is the result. You look at the photo and you think "Wow, is that really me?". Tatiana manages to see the beauty and mystery in every person, to catch and document your true essence and potential."

"When me and my partner were looking for a photographer, we had a specific style in mind and once we stumbled upon Tanya's photography, we thought: "This is it! This is exactly what we are looking for!". We wanted an expecting-a-baby photosession, but not an ordinary one, something more playful, conceptual and natural. Tanya is a very creative and talented photographer, who isn't afraid of experimenting. Throughout the photo session the journey was full of improvisation and experimentation, despite us not knowing the place that well, we managed to get pictures exactly as we wanted.

"We won't leave this place until I'm fully satisfied with the result", Tanya said and it was very motivating, knowing that we all enjoy the process and have the same goal in the end. The result was astonishing, even more than we expected. She made magical photos! "

Olga & Roland

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