Almost everything devalues
after time, recollections and memories only grow in price.
Below you can see some of my selected wedding works. I photograph mostly in Northern Europe, but I like to travel. So wherever you get married, I can help you with wedding photography.

Contact me
Drop me a line via e-mail or with the form below. Tell me about your wishes, dates etc. Then I will send you information on plans and more info on how I work.
Firm handshake
When plan is chosen and all the we sign a contract with you, book a date and having a meeting. After that you can remove "photographer" out of your check list.
Wedding day
This is the day. Everything you need is to show up and be married —everything else will be set up and prepared. I will have all that I need to make a great shots for you.
I'll make your memories
In 2-3 days after wedding I will send you 5-10 shots. Then it will take some time (depending on the plan) to process all the images. After that you will get the set of images that will make your day unforgettible and I'll ask you for a feedback.
Booking inquiry
I'd be happy to document your wedding or any other special event!
Just drop me a line using this form or e-mail me at: