Tanya Borodina
best of 2019
I would like to wait 2-3 years, that's what it takes for the pictures themselves to reveal which of them are good and which are just average. But I can't wait. 2020 is coming and 2019 has to be reflected on.

My way to do this reflection is to choose the best photos of 2019. By the best, I mean those that I like to look at, the pictures that I remember and will get back to.

In 2019 I've made 34 photoshoots and took around 90 000 pictures (not counting mobile photos). It was hard to select these 44, but I nailed it.

Cheers and Happy new year!

best of 2019
Thank you, Elodie&Niklas, Angie&Derek, Pinky&James, Sveta&Eddie,
Emma&Tomas, Sanna&Harald.

best of 2019
Thank you, Copenhagen, Valencia, Moscow, Barcelona,
Stockholm, Manchester and Wales.

best of 2019
Thank you, Anya, Em, Ji, Lena, Liza, Katya, Olya, Masha, Ira, Alexandra-Maria, Olya, Kim, Hanadi, Katya, Arthur, Dasha, Rita, Pasha, Jonas, Isabelle, Nina.

best of 2019
In 2019 I started practicing still-life photography. So thank you, vases, melons, tomatoes, pots, papers, mirrors etc.