I was lucky to get here before the fire, which was committed on November 24. In the fire two towers and part of the sculpture of Nimis were burned ... But for Ladony it is not the for first time. The history of this country is a story about how art and perseverance take the cities, literally.
In 1980, artist Lars Vilks began to build the first sculpture (Nimis) on the territory of the Kullaberg reserve. The authorities of Sweden, having exposed the imposing size of the structure, decided to demolish it. A long trial started, the sculpture was eventually abandoned, in 1992, Vilks started another building (the Arx stone book), which provoked new trials. In 1996, Ladonia declared its independence, appropriated an area of 1 km2 on the coast of Skåne, and began to receive citizens, and the Swedish authorities in the meantime understood what to do with the buildings and who should be responsible for it.

In 2003, a free virtual state declared Sweden and the US a war.
Now, Ladonia has its own political program, flag, anthem, president and even the queen. Annually it is visited by 40 thousand tourists. The number of citizens is slightly more than 18 thousand people (while no one lives on its territory). If you want to get exotic citizenship here https://www.ladonia.org/citizenship/ you can fill out the form, pay $ 30 and wait.