Tanya Borodina
best of 2018
I make these results for myself first of all, because I notice how my taste, composition decisions, style of shooting and even color change over time. So it will be interesting to look at these pictures in 2019 and even later.

Here it is my fruitful, cheerful, working, happy year. Love rain down on me within beautiful heroes, stories, roads and pictures. These pictures are craving to be seen
and therefore —please look at them.

Beauty will save the world. Cheers!

best of 2018
Thank you, Ksenia+ Ito+Asya, Ira+Vladimir+Motya+Stesha, Shez+Chris+Teo+Sisi,
Lera+ Egon, Lovisa+Jesper, Katya+Mika, Helena+Sebastian, Alena+Alice, Tanya+Max, Emily+Jonatan+Sture, Alina+Chat, Michael+Peggy, Joanne+Stefan.

best of 2018
Thank you, Tel Aviv, Dead Sea, Paris, Moscow, Boston,
Las Vegas, Death Valley, Venice, Stockholm.

best of 2018
Thank you, Ksenia, Kim, Molly, Elise, Olya, Anna, Katya, Natasha, Olya, Julia,
Milya, Tanya, Liza, Dasha, Julia, Alina, Arthur, Liam, Ji, Polly.